Our Approach

You see that tank? No, Look behind you. That's Right... We are always behind you with our eyes on you. Remember

  1. You do it,
  2. We film it
  3. We Post it
  4. Everyone thinks your a dumbass

Our Story

So this is supposed to be about us so here it goes,


In 2012, TOW was formed under the strong leader ship of TONICs wasteland, Tonic Is one of those really smart people, Like super smart.

Well before there was Samatras King of the Hill and Wasteland there was TONICS wasteland, And let me tell you what, That was the shit.

Not sure what I am referring to? Think Battle Bus! Well Battle Bus was nothing compared to the mayhem that was on the servers. Basically Thanks to TONIC, We have the servers we see today.


Where is TONIC? 2014, TONIC no longer wished to play Arma2 and focused on his job,

HOW is TOW still alive? Well the main goal of TOW was to absolutely Obliterate the opposite team, And let me tell you what! If you ever have a group of us on your server you are in for some (people complaining about us)

Do you guys have a TS3? Yes, ts3.towgaming.com

Do you guys play games. No we play with our selves. TF kind of Question is that...

Do you have rules? Yes.

What are they? Yes....

Can I Join? Yes!

No for Real what are the rules? Ummm..

  1. If you are on a server you must join the same team (if Possable)
  2. If wearing the TOW tag you must obey to the best of your ability the Servers Rules
  3. Do not be a dick

Meet the Team

Wanting to meet up with the team? Head on over to our TS3


TOW It_Deaths

Website Administrator - TS3 Owner


TOW Rothgar

The Root Of the Gar


TOW Plague_Guy

Main Streamer


TOW TheSniper

Dedicated Sniper


TOW Jdog24

The Other CRAZY Aussie


TOW Luink

Bad ass Commander


TOW Cornhole

Yes he has a Corn in his Hole


TOW JamesClub

The CRAZY Aussie


TOW Sullivan

The Mad Man